Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What kind of cuisine is served at Piano Bar Restaurant & Cafe?

    We serve mainly Mediterranean and Italian cuisine. Obviously, due to our chef’s Indian descent, it is also influenced by his native cuisine. Since Polish cuisine is dear to us, its elements can be found in the menu as well.

  2. Who is the chef at Piano?

    Roop Lal Balu is the chef at Piano Bar Restaurant & Cafe. He’s learned to cook during his journeys and cooking practice in Italy and Spain. He started in his homeland, India, but it was the journeys that have taught him the most, with each country offering something interesting and unique to be discovered – especially if you decide to go off the common track. Roop Lal Balu has been working as the chef for 11 years, incessantly winning his popularity among the connoisseurs of best food.

  3. How do we obtain top-quality products for our dishes?

    We order stock and produce from the best deliverers. Roop Lal Balu check on each product upon delivery to ensure the highest quality of the produce used in his dishes. Seafood and fish arrive from all around the world, for instance, from Canada, Portugal, Spain and Bangladesh.

    Some meat is delivered by our local farmers from the Greater Poland region.

    We are aware of the fact that the best of dishes require the best of products, which is why we never only go half the way to obtain the most favourable products.

  4. How much does the food at Piano Bar Restaurant & Cafe cost?

    Our chef, Roop Lal Balu, makes sure that any connoisseur can find something for themself in the menu. Thus, there is an abundance of hand-made pastas and real Italian pizza available at around 30 zł. However, if you are in need of something really exceptional, our chef can prepare for you a fresh lobster that you can choose yourself. Depending on the size of the lobster, such a dish costs around 300 – 400 zł.

  5. What is the approximate serving time?

    We want to promote the right to savour one’s food so we put great emphasis on the preparation process. Depending on the dish, our guests have to wait from 20 minutes to an hour; however, after this time they can enjoy the most exquisite of dishes.

  6. How to book a table at Piano Bar?

    You can book a table at Piano Bar using our booking form in the BOOKING bookmark at www.pianobar.poznan.pl or by calling 61 859 65 70

  7. What kind of events take place at Piano Bar?

    Piano Bar is not only a restaurant but also a place where one can „savour” the high-brow culture. There are exhibitions of promising artists from both Poland and other countries taking place regularly at our gallery. We periodically organize our Cooking School and Wine School. There are also events for fashion enthusiasts – fashion fairs organized hand in hand with the best of brands. We also organize concerts with live music. Finally, there are regular also meetings with writers. You can find information on ongoing events at FOR INDIVIDUAL CLIENTS / special events.

  8. How many people do we cater for?

    There are banquets, conferences, society meetings and business lunches organized at Piano Bar. Two levels of the Słodownia building, with Piano Bar Restaurant & Cafe and Browar Pub Słodownia sum up to 1800m2, allowing us to organize all kinds of individual and corporate events for up to 700 people.
    Piano Bar Sitting Standing
    1 room 140 people 200 people
    2 rooms 180 people 400 people
    2 rooms + mezzanine 220 people 700 people
  9. What time does the restaurant close?

    The restaurant is open Monday – Sunday from 12PM until the last guest. On Mondays it’s 12PM – 9PM.

  10. How do you make a special menu for events?

    When booking an event for more people is possible to have a special menu created. It is based on the taste of the person booking the event and the esteemed budget. The menu is printed and prepared by us so it finds its way onto each guest’s table.

  11. How can I contact the Manager?

    If you have any question or doubts, please, do not hesitate to contact our Marketing Director, Ms Marta Klimowska. You can also send your question via email by filling in the form available at CONTACT US.

  12. How to choose a good wine for my dish?

    A good wine and a tasty dish are a perfect duo. This drink’s priceless impact on digestion and its dish-complementing qualities has been known for centuries. It is worth knowing how to choose a wine which would enhance the flavour of a given dish. Our waiters are highly qualified professionals who will gladly help you choose a complementing drink.

  13. How many people can attend a banquet at the Restaurant?

    Our restaurant comprises 3 parts: the cafe, the restaurant and mezzanine; in the case of bigger events, we can also use the space of the club Browar Pub Słodownia The whole complex totals to 1800m2, allowing us to prepare a standing banquet for up to 700 people.

  14. How many people can attend a sitting banquet? How many people can be catered for with your catering service?

    We can cater for 600 people, though many times we have worked for clients with up to 1000 guests to cater for.

  15. How often do you organize the Cooking School?

    Our Cooking Schools are a regular proposition for our guests, organized since 2008. On average, they take place every two months; however, if there is a bigger number of people interested in participating, we can organize additional training. You can find information on current courses at For Personal Clients – Special Events – Cooking School. You can also send your question via email: martyna.olszak@pianobar.poznan.pl


Piano Bar Restaurant & Café Półwiejska 42 Street , 61 – 888 Poznań
Słodownia building at the Old Brewery Entrance from the Art Court or from the Kosciuszko street


Monday - Saturday 12 AM - 12 PM
Sunday 12 AM - 11 PM
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