About us

About restaurant

Our team comprises real individuals coming together to create an out-of-this world explosive mix. We’re experts who love surprising others with our unconventional approach and attitude. There is no other team like ours... see for yourself!

About restaurant

Piano Bar

The Restaurant's soft decor is created by its elegant beige sofas and classically set round tables. A large, well-equipped bar adds a modern touch.

Plain brick walls and undisturbed space of the restaraunt give it a classic yet cosy character, transforming it into a subtly intimate art exhibitions with its modern works of art, created by the artists we patron.


Our Restaurant does not only entail excellent cooking but it is also a place teeming with creative and passion-driven people. In our Restaurant, we organise special events; and since our waiters, bartenders and cooks gladly share their expertise with others, there is a blog dedicated to their knowledge. We cordially invite you to read it.

Meet us

Małgorzata Hampel – Rybicka
CEO and owner

CEO and owner of Piano Bar Restaurant & Cafe. Małgorzata is a person whom you’re going to remember forever after your first meeting. She’s got an infectious laugh and a head full of unconventional ideas. A real artist, at home trying her hand as a fashion designer and dressmaker. In love with Klimt’s painting and the vibrancy of beautiful Rome, she’s the beating heart of our Restaurant.

Marta Klimowska
Marketing Director

Marketing Director at Piano Bar Restaurant & Cafe. Marta prepares personal and business offers and takes care of our biggest marketing projects. A devoted animal lover – she has a soft spot for dogs and horses – she’s been horse riding for years and used to work as a riding instructor. Do you know the saying about „wearing one’s hand on sleeve”? Once you meet Marta, you’ll make sense of it truly.

Krystian Szopka

Chief at Piano Bar Restaurant & Cafe. Cooking and cooking are my passion and fulfillment of my childhood dreams. I will be a little banal saying that my favorite culinary direction is the Mediterranean and Polish cuisine. Many tastes of Polish cuisine I remember from childhood and it was on that I built my culinary basis. I always analyze every product by tasting what is most precious. I have some of my own cooking principles that I share at many culinary workshops, which gives me tremendous satisfaction. After years of experience I still do not specify my specialization - not yet time but new flavors appear, where the inspiration is drawn from the Mexican, regional, Italian and Old Polish cuisine. Piano Bar Restaurant & Cafe is a new project that energizes me to discover myself again. I follow the passion and experience that I want to share with you.

Przemysław Bortnowski
Director of the Restaurant

Director of the Restaurant. Przemek is a real rock’n’roll soul: he loves Harley Davidsons and a pleasant guitar beat. He’s sold his soul to the crème of the drink. No alcohol is a foreign language to him. During both our events and everyday work, Przemek makes sure everything is up and running.



Piano Bar Restaurant & Café Półwiejska 42 Street , 61 – 888 Poznań
Słodownia building at the Old Brewery Entrance from the Art Court or from the Kosciuszko street


Monday - Saturday 12 AM - 12 PM
Sunday 12 AM - 11 PM
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